"From the curator"

When I set out to create a website presenting the work of Hadi Toron, I intended to accomplish several things.

My first — and most important — objective was to showcase the work Toron created over the last 40 years. My second goal was to provide collectors and galleries easy access to his new work. And finally, I wanted to organize his oeuvre in a dynamic way so that each painting could be found by style, time period or subject matter.

The first objective, originally envisioned as a catalogue Raisonné, proved hard to do. Indeed, a large part of Toron’s early work was not archived; in some cases only a few paintings of a particular time period are left in the artist’s collection.

My other objectives, geared to make the use of the site straightforward, were easier to accomplish. In the search box, you can look up paintings by style (abstract, figurative, representational), color schemes, keywords, and time period. In The Work link, the paintings are arranged by subject matter as painted by Hadi Toron: "Journey through Sudan", "Villages", "The Natural World", "Figures" and "Abstract".

It is my wish that I have succeeded in sharing the artistic journey Toron travelled and retraced faithfully how, by experimenting with ideas, form and abstraction, his work has evolved throughout his life.

Marie-Christine Matter , Curator