Commission a Painting by Hadi Toron

AQUATIC LIFE SERIES: Jeff Steele and his partner purchased a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean and wanted to carry the feeling of the sea into their home. They commissioned Hadi Toron for a series of paintings that portrayed the mood of the aquatic life. He created five eye-catching paintings that tie each room in the home back to the ocean outside.

STAGES OF LOVE: A couple commissioned these three paintings to celebrate their long life together. They wanted the paintings to symbolize their three stages of love: the beginning entitled The Flowering; their union called Coalescence; and their life together entitled Shelter. Hadi Toron used the idea of a bouquet to represent discovering love, a couple embracing to symbolize their union, and a family under an awning to represent the home.

UNITED NATIONS CARD: The United Nations Association of Trinidad and Tobago commissioned Hadi Toron to create a greeting card, the proceeds of which would benefit underprivileged children. The painting on the card represents peace through the convergence of a dove and heart.

United Nations Greeting Card United Nations Greeting Card United Nations Greeting Card

SEASCAPE: John Bancroft and his partner live by the Mediterranean Sea, which inspired much of the interior décor of their home. In the sun room, these avid art collectors wanted a painting to fill a 40x30 foot niche. They commissioned Hadi Toron to create a symbolic image of live fish swimming in a coral bed through strong currents. Toron worked with slightly blurred patterns, textures, and colors to create ripples through the colors of this seascape.

ENTERTAINMENT ROOM MURAL: Evelyn and Bassem Al Moualem wanted a dramatic entertainment room with sparse furniture and a neutral color scheme. They wanted the walls to be uncluttered, but not bare. They commissioned Hadi Toron to create a painting that would add value to the space — both literally and emotionally. Mindful of the neutral color scheme, Toron created a mural with strong depth of field, giving the impression of a wide open window overlooking an old town square.

Commission a Painting by Hadi Toron